The Best Van Gogh Site on the Web - a comprehensive gallery of van Gogh works



Sallykirkland.com is the website for STARRY NIGHT star Sally Kirkland, who was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actress for her role in "Anna"


Enterprisemission.com is the website of Richard Hoagland, co-author of an upcoming feature film written by Hoagland and Paul Davids


Yot.com is the website of Todd Easton Mills, who offers THE ILLUSION OF VINCENT, Vincent van Gogh busts with eyes that follow you as you walk around a room. Mills produced TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD with Paul Davids


Two page "Club Culture Magazine" article about STARRY NIGHT by Francine Charette (in French).


Six page "Club Culture Magazine" article about STARRY NIGHT director, Paul Davids by Francine Charette (in French).


Kynthia is an artist who works with Richard Hoagland on images of THE FACE ON MARS, the subject of an upcoming film from Davids and Hoagland.


To contact David W. Smith, (who is Starry Nights'. co-producer and Director of Photography) and is an expert in digital film production.



Learn about Rahelio, the star of Paul Davids' new documentry feature, THE ARTIST AND THE SHAMAN