"Some whimsical time travel with Vincent van Gogh (with) affection for Van Gogh and his paintings. There's something to be said for the van Gogh bio films directed by Vincente Minnelli, Paul Cox, Maurice Pialat, and Robert Altman. Paul Davids's STARRY NIGHT is something a little different, a whimsical fantasy that imagines van Gogh returning to Los Angeles 100 years after his 1890 suicide."

Jay Carr, The Boston Globe, Sept. 19, 1999


"A triumph of idealism over cynicism... the world is a richer place for it having been made."

ZERB, British Cinematography Magazine, Summer 1999


"STARRY NIGHT is a charming romantic drama, with numerous clever twists and an art history lesson thrown in. And, yes, they do use the Don McLean song, which is probably as famous as the original STARRY NIGHT painting."

Brian Pendreigh, Scotland Herald, Sept. 9, 1999


"This pleasing comedy has no other pretensions than savoring the delicious irony of its theme about the arts and pompous, would-be connoisseurs, rendered with deep authenticity and simplicity (that of the master) by director-screenwriter Paul Davids, a specialist of the strange who, in the past, has taken us on visits to the universes of Roswell and Timothy Leary."

Paul-Henri Goulet, Journal de Montreal, August 30, 1999


"STARRY NIGHT is filled with romance, innocence, paintings, flowers and humor. It's a wink at all artists who have suffered and still suffer today from the lack of understanding of their work. 102 minutes that mix fantasy, humor, panoramas of splendid canvasses that attest to the genius of the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. A film full of tenderness for the entire family, and especially those with a passion for flowers and painting. This fantastic story appeals to the imagination, to dreams, to beauty and simplicity. I invite the young as well as adults who are young at heart to discover the world of painting through the eyes of Paul Davids."

Francine Charette, Club-Culture Magazine, Quebec, August 28, 1999


"An outstanding job in both production and direction. As an art historian and appraiser of fine art, I find this film to be well thought-out, researched and executed. While much of the film is historically accurate, STARRY NIGHT, quite ingeniously, managed to delightfully mix fact with fantasy, and that is the formula of which good films are made. Abbott Alexander gives an exemplary portrayal of Vincent van Gogh - refreshingly upbeat, yet in complete keeping with the character and nature of Vincent - an intelligent, endearing and believable performance. Abbott Alexander is Vincent van Gogh in "STARRY NIGHT." Lisa Waltz gave a stellar performance as Vincent's love interest. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to view this film at its debut in Boston."

Donna Winant, Art Appraiser, Sept. 23, 1999


"Paul Davids has given us a film of magical realism in STARRY NIGHT"

Global TV Canada, Sept. 1, 1999